List of All Train Numbers - Coast Line.(Southern Line) in Sri Lanka

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List of All Train Numbers - Coast Line.(Southern Line) in Sri Lanka

Complete list of Sri Lanka trains which running on the Coast Line (southern Line)  with Train Number and Name,  source station, destination station, departure Time and reaching time to destination.
 Familiar with the train Number and train name to find the train scheduled. it will be easy to get information about that train such as train passing through a station and it's all stops.

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Train No Description Departure Time Reaching Time to Destination Available days Type / Train
4 Colombo Fort Kalutara South 11:29 12:49 Daily Special Trains (Sch.)
8050 Maradana Matara 06:30 10:53 Daily Long Distance
8056 Maradana Matara 14:15 17:48 Daily Long Distance
8058 Maradana Matara 15:40 18:20 Daily Long Distance
8086 Colombo Fort Matara 10:30 13:50 Daily Long Distance
8096 Maradana Matara 16:40 19:30 Monday To Friday Long Distance
8096 Maradana Galle 17:20 19:15 Saturday And Sunday Long Distance
8708 Aluthgama Galle 04:20 07:04 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8710 Maradana Panadura 04:30 05:36 Daily Local Trains
8711 Maradana Panadura 05:05 05:53 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8716 Maradana Kalutara South 05:33 07:15 Daily Colombo Commuter
8717 Maradana Panadura 05:52 06:47 Monday To Saturday Colombo Commuter
8718 Maradana Moratuwa 06:51 07:25 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8719 Aluthgama Galle 06:05 08:10 Daily Local Trains
8724 Maradana Panadura 06:21 07:16 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8727 Maradana Panadura 07:31 08:40 Daily Colombo Commuter
8730 Maradana Moratuwa 07:17 08:01 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8732 Maradana Mount Lavinia 08:11 08:46 Daily Colombo Commuter
8733 Maradana Moratuwa 08:00 08:45 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8734 Maradana Ratmalana 09:10 09:55 Daily Goods Trains
8741 Maradana Kalutara South 09:05 11:17 Daily Colombo Commuter
8742 Maradana Aluthgama 11:10 13:07 Daily Colombo Commuter
8744 Maradana Kalutara South 12:05 13:29 Daily Colombo Commuter
8748 Maradana Panadura 13:30 14:35 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8749 Maradana Panadura 14:30 15:35 Daily Colombo Commuter
8751 Maradana Aluthgama 14:05 16:11 Daily Colombo Commuter
8752 Galle Matara 14:15 15:31 Monday To Friday Local Trains
8755 Maradana Mount Lavinia 15:00 15:33 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8756 Maradana Panadura 15:15 16:29 Daily Colombo Commuter
8757 Maradana Moratuwa 15:50 16:32 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8758 Maradana Aluthgama 16:45 18:34 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8758* Maradana Aluthgama 16:45 18:45 Saturday And Sunday Colombo Commuter
8759 Maradana Kalutara South 16:55 18:17 Poyaday Only Colombo Commuter
8760 Maradana Galle 17:20 20:03 Monday To Friday Long Distance
8761 Maradana Kalutara South 16:15 17:39 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8762 Maradana Ratmalana 16:00 16:34 Daily Colombo Commuter
8763 Maradana Panadura 16:25 17:14 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8764 Maradana Galle 17:25 21:08 Monday To Friday Long Distance
8764* Maradana Galle 17:50 21:26 Saturday And Sunday Colombo Commuter
8765 Maradana Kalutara South 16:10 17:14 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8766 Maradana Matara 17:50 21:33 Monday To Friday Long Distance
8772 Maradana Aluthgama 17:35 19:46 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8773 Maradana Aluthgama 18:10 20:07 Daily Colombo Commuter
8774 Maradana Aluthgama 18:25 20:45 Daily Colombo Commuter
8775 Maradana Galle 18:45 22:55 Daily Long Distance
8780 Maradana Aluthgama 19:45 21:40 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8782 Maradana Kalutara South 20:35 21:57 Monday To Friday Colombo Commuter
8783 Maradana Aluthgama 21:30 23:25 Daily Colombo Commuter
8788 Kalutara South Galle 10:10 15:10 Monday To Saturday Local Trains

Train No
Departure Time
Reaching Time to DestinationAvailable daysType / Train
8039MataraMaradana13:3517:25DailyLong Distance
8051MataraMaradana14:1018:12DailyLong Distance
8053GalleMaradana13:4516:40Sunday OnlyLong Distance
8057MataraMaradana06:1009:36DailyLong Distance
8059MataraMaradana06:0508:49DailyLong Distance
8085MataraColombo Fort10:1513:30DailyLong Distance
8093MataraMaradana07:4508:49Saturday OnlyLong Distance
8097MataraMaradana04:5507:57Monday To FridayLong Distance
8302AluthgamaColombo Fort03:2005:10DailyColombo Commuter
8304AluthgamaColombo Fort03:5005:40DailyColombo Commuter
8309AluthgamaColombo Fort04:3006:22DailyColombo Commuter
8311MataraMaradana03:4006:58DailyLong Distance
8313PanaduraColombo Fort07:0007:53Monday To SaturdayColombo Commuter
8316PanaduraMaradana06:3507:45Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8317AluthgamaMaradana05:2507:32Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8318AluthgamaMaradana05:2507:40Saturday And SundayColombo Commuter
8319GalleKalutara South05:4008:34Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8319GalleKalutara South05:4008:34Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8320GalleMaradana04:1507:35Saturday And SundayColombo Commuter
8324AluthgamaMaradana06:1008:07Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8325MoratuwaMaradana07:3008:15Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8326Kalutara SouthColombo Fort06:5507:56Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8327GalleMaradana05:0007:48Monday To SaturdayLong Distance
8327GalleMaradana05:0008Sunday OnlyLong Distance
8328PanaduraMaradana07:3008:28Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8330RatmalanaMaradana08:4009:20Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8331MoratuwaMaradana08:0508:49Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8333Kalutara SouthColombo Fort07:2008:33Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8334Kalutara SouthColombo Fort07:2008:37Saturday And SundayColombo Commuter
8335PanaduraMaradana08:0509:04DailyColombo Commuter
8336PanaduraMaradana09:3510:41DailyColombo Commuter
8338MataraGalle07:1008:13DailyLocal Trains
8340MataraGalle10:2011:30Monday To FridayLocal Trains
8341MoratuwaMaradana09:0509:47Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8342AluthgamaMaradana07:0509:35Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8343AluthgamaColombo Fort07:0509:46Saturday And SundayColombo Commuter
8344Kalutara SouthMaradana10:4512:10DailyColombo Commuter
8345MataraGalle15:1516:21DailyLocal Trains
8346Mount LaviniaMaradana09:1009:45DailyColombo Commuter
8349PanaduraMaradana09:0011:57Monday To SaturdayColombo Commuter
8350Kalutara SouthMaradana12:3014:15DailyColombo Commuter
8352Kalutara SouthMaradana13:4015:01DailyColombo Commuter
8355PanaduraColombo Fort15:0016:00Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8357GalleAluthgama13:5515:59Monday To FridayLocal Trains
8358RatmalanaColombo Fort12:4514:05DailyGoods Trains
8363AluthgamaColombo Fort13:4015:26Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8364AluthgamaColombo Fort13:4015:30Saturday And SundayColombo Commuter
8365PanaduraColombo Fort16:1017:11DailyColombo Commuter
8367PanaduraColombo Fort17:0518:04DailyColombo Commuter
8368MataraGalle17:0018:12Monday To FridayLocal Trains
8372Kalutara SouthColombo Fort17:4518:52Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8373AluthgamaColombo Fort16:2518:33Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8374AluthgamaColombo Fort16:2518:23Saturday And SundayColombo Commuter
8375Kalutara SouthMaradana18:2019:42Poyaday OnlyColombo Commuter
8375WadduwaMaradana18:3019:35Monday To FridayCOLOMBO COMMUTER
8376Kalutara SouthMaradana18:0019:04Friday OnlyColombo Commuter
8378PanaduraColombo Fort17:4018:29Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8379GalleAluthgama17:0519:09DailyLocal Trains
8390PanaduraMaradana21:5522:38Monday To FridayColombo Commuter
8391PanaduraMaradana21:0521:48Saturday OnlyColombo Commuter
8736Kalutara SouthColombo Fort10:0108:35Monday To FridayColombo Commuter

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