Dematagoda Railway Station

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Dematagoda Station Code is DAG
Dematagoda railway station is a railway  station in Sri Lanka Railways and 3rd  station on the Main  line from Colombo fort. Railway station is located at 4.54 km away from Colombo Fort and between Maradana railway station and Kelaniya railway station, Colombo district in western Province. Station has 3 platform and  slow trains and several long distance trains  are stop at the station.  Elevation of the station is 3.05m height above mean sea level.
Dematagoda railway station
Dematagoda railway station

Time table at Dematagoda railway station
To UP  Main line / Puttalam line
Train No Train Type Departure Time Train Run To Available Days
1109 Long Distance 03:10 Veyangoda Daily
1130 Local Trains 03:39 Polgahawela Daily
3404 Colombo Commuter 04:10 Noornagar Daily
1125 Local Trains 04:49 Rambukkana Daily
3406 Local Trains 05:10 Negombo Daily
1124 Colombo Commuter 05:39 Ambeypussa Daily
3409 Local Trains 05:51 Chilaw Daily
1127 Local Trains 06:05 Polgahawela Daily
1132 Colombo Commuter 06:32 Gampaha Daily
1129 Long Distance 06:51 Ragama Daily
1131 Colombo Commuter 07:25 Ragama Monday To Friday ( Except Holidays)
3411 Local Trains 07:51 Puttalam Daily
3418 Colombo Commuter 08:10 Negombo Monday To Friday
1136 Colombo Commuter 08:14 Rambukkana Daily
1140 Colombo Commuter 08:39 Veyangoda Monday To Friday ( Except Holidays)
1141 Colombo Commuter 09:04 Rambukkana Daily
4451 Long Distance 09:09 Maho Daily
3412 Local Trains 09:40 Chilaw Daily
1103 Goods Trains 10:13 Polgahawela Daily
1143 Colombo Commuter 10:19 Rambukkana Daily
3417 Local Trains 11:40 Noornagar Monday To Friday
3419 Colombo Commuter 13:20 Madampe Daily
1154 Colombo Commuter 13:59 Veyangoda Monday To Saturday
3420 Local Trains 14:40 Chilaw Daily
1162 Colombo Commuter 14:59 Polgahawela Daily
1163 Colombo Commuter 15:29 Veyangoda Monday To Friday ( Except Holidays)
3422 Local Trains 15:50 Chilaw Saturday And Sunday
1170 Long Distance 15:54 Polgahawela Daily
1171 Colombo Commuter 16:19 Ragama Monday To Friday
1169 Colombo Commuter 16:34 Mirigama Daily
3422 Local Trains 16:40 Chilaw Monday To Friday
3424 Colombo Commuter 16:40 Chilaw Sunday Only
4468 Colombo Commuter 16:49 Kurunegala Monday To Friday
1172 Colombo Commuter 16:53 Polgahawela Monday To Friday ( Except Holidays)
1168 Local Trains 16:59 Ambeypussa Daily
1164 Local Trains 17:00 Rambukkana Monday To Friday
1172 Colombo Commuter 17:05 Polgahawela Saturday And Sunday
3423 Local Trains 17:05 Negombo Daily
4469 Colombo Commuter 17:20 Kurunegala Monday To Friday
3425 Colombo Commuter 17:26 Puttalam Saturday And Sunday
3425 Local Trains 17:26 Puttalam Monday To Friday
1173 Colombo Commuter 17:29 Polgahawela Saturday And Sunday
1173 Colombo Commuter 17:29 Ambeypussa Monday To Friday
3426 Local Trains 17:40 Negombo Daily
1175 Colombo Commuter 17:49 Polgahawela Saturday And Sunday
1175 Colombo Commuter 17:49 Mirigama Monday To Friday
1176 Colombo Commuter 18:05 Polgahawela Monday To Friday
3427 Colombo Commuter 18:15 Chilaw Saturday And Sunday
3427 Colombo Commuter 18:16 Chilaw Monday To Friday
4470 Colombo Commuter 18:20 Maho Monday To Friday( Except Holidays)
1177 Colombo Commuter 18:24 Veyangoda Monday To Friday
1183 Colombo Commuter 18:45 Rambukkana Daily
1184 Colombo Commuter 18:54 Mirigama Daily
3428 Colombo Commuter 19:10 Chilaw Monday To Friday
1186 Colombo Commuter 19:29 Ambeypussa Monday To Friday
1191 Colombo Commuter 19:59 Rambukkana Daily
3432 Colombo Commuter 20:30 Chilaw Daily
1192 Colombo Commuter 20:54 Polgahawela Daily
1196 Colombo Commuter 21:45 Mirigama Daily
1194 Colombo Commuter 23:09 Rambukkana Daily

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