World's Great Train Journeys - Travel on POdi Menike

Journey to The Green Zone

World's Great Train Journeys - Travel on POdi Menike

Train journey from Colombo to Badulla on Podi menike express train 

Sri Lanka, The Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is a pleasant and wonderful island of the world. Colombo is the capitol of Sri Lanka. There are many places to explore in Sri Lanka for visitors that can visit any time of the year. The main attractions are the beach, coral gardens, botanical gardens,  climate of NuwaraEliya, thousands of historical places such as Anuradhapura, Kandy, and including 8 world heritage sites. Central Highlands of Sri Lanka (declared by world heritage committee UNESCO at its 34 sessions on 31 July 2010) is one of the most popular tourist attractions of these 8 heritage sites that consist of Horton plains national park, knuckles conservation forest and Peak Wilderness Protected Area. 

Badulla, capitol of Uwa province in Sri Lanka is an important city of this highland area and having many tourist attractions such as Dunhinda Falls, historical Muthiyangana temple, Dhowa temple, Bogoda ancient wooden bridge, Hakgala botanical garden, Ella ancient Rawana Buddhist temple, Rawana water falls, and Badulu Oya. Approximately 50.000 people visit annually.

If you want to travel to Badulla, the best option is trains. The train is the cheapest way to travel around in Sri Lanka

 Which train should you choose to travel to Badulla?

Main line in Sri Lanka railways (up country line or hill country line), there are two named passenger trains run between Colombo and Badulla. One is Podi Menike express train and other one is Udarata Menike express train.The Podi Menike train departs Colombo fort railway station at 05.55 am and arrives in Badulla at 4.20pm. Udarata Menike express train departs from Colombo fort at 9.45am and arrives in Badulla at 6.00pm. Also one night mail train starts from Colombo at 8.00 pm and arrive in Badulla at 7.10am.the next day. The return service of Podi Menike train will start at 8.45 and arrives in Colombo at 4.20 pm.  In this way, all trains provide one inbound and outbound services daily.

 We recommend that you choose the Podi Menike express train ( full day time train.)  that means you may not miss out on the magnificent scenery from your train window.

 Here is the train schedule for Podi Menike train with fares for it's all stops

Podi Menike Train Timetable  (train no =1005 - daily)

Train StationArrival Departure
1st class2nd class3rd class
Colombo fort05.55660.00370.00205.00
Ragama - junction06:1806.19640.00360.00195.00
Polgahawela -junction07:2107:23540.00300.00165.00
Peradeniya - junction08:3808:40430.00260.00140.00
Great Western12:0512:06280.00160.0085.00
Pattipola 13:1713:18220.00120.0065.00
Heel Oya14:5214:53100.0050.0025.00
Kital Elle15:0115:0280.0040.0025.00
Badulla - terminus
This table is provided for reference only . For more information visit Official Website of Sri Lanka Railways

For easy view go to page Train Time Table

The Main Line starts from Colombo
Fort Railway station and runs on the historic train route, which is 147 years old. Type of track is broad gauge and highest point is at1898m (6226ft) above the sea level. It is one of the world’s steepest railway lines which Including 44 tunnels, hundred of bridges, loops, looping loops, (Demodara rail way station) three railway junctions and 81stations.  The train runs via lush tropical countryside, paddy fields, palms, and climb in to the hill country and burrows through 43 tunnels , crosses the rivers such as the Mahaweli which is longest river in Sri Lanka. In addition, traverses the green mountains such as the Great western mountain, world heritage Horton Plain, rain forest, valleys and runs close to waterfalls. As well as tea garden, farms, vegetable gardens. Badulla is  terminus of the line. 

  Impossible steep

The following chart shows rail track starting almost at the sea level and climbing up to Summit level at 1898m elevation and descend over about 1250M with in 65km  to the end of the track

There's 1st class observation car at the rear of the train with wraparound windows for a better view
Find information on Sri Lanka Railways Seat Reservation

 Podi menike (Little Maiden) is one of two ‘named passenger trains’ which runs between Colombo and Badulla on main line in Sri Lanka. The train departs from Colombo fort at 5.55 am and takes 10 hours to cover the 292 km from Colombo to Badulla

View amazing nature

Small water falls related to the journey

view pictures of
Railway Tunnels 

Dont miss visit to Dunhinda fall
Dunhinda falls

Therefore, journey on the Podi menike train is truly one of the most spectacular scenic train journeys in the world.
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