Train Journey to the Green Zone in Sri Lanka

Journey to The Green Zone

Welcome To Sri Lanka !

Discover Sri Lanka Nature, Culture, and proud History of World Heritage destinations with Sri lanka Rail journeys.

The World's Greatest Railway Journeys

Travel across the Sri Lanka Central highland by train is one of the world's greatest travel experiences.

This is what you would have seen through your train window

The train Journey to the green Zone is a breathtaking train ride through the hill country in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka Railway stations

End of the journey To The Hill Country, don't miss to visit

Dunhinda Falls

7km from Badulla town

On the way to Dunhinda Falls

Visit Dunhinda

Sri Lanka railway maps
  • Railway network map including all railway tracks,junctions and terminus

  • Elivation vs distance chart of Sri lanka Main line

Find Sri Lanka Railway network map, Elivation map and other maps

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